What We Do

Save the Children’s activities in Bangladesh:

Save the Children works in around 120 countries to save child life, to reduce their vulnerability, to ensure them a happy & healthy life and help them to fulfill their potential. The scenario is no indifferent in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Save the Children is always with the children and works for their every betterment through multiple and multidimensional approaches. In Bangladesh, all activities of Save the Children can be put under a single cloud which is consists of 6 different sectors - Child Protection, Child Poverty, Health,Nutrition, and HIV/AIDS, Education, Policy Rights and Governance and Humanitarian Sector.

Save the Children works for strengthening legal and social mechanism to protect children from all sorts of abuse, exploitation, trafficking and violence through awareness-raising campaigns, supporting the affected children and advocating government & communities.

It also works for developing and implementing the strategies to save the life of the newborns and the mothers in the most remote, resource-poor area through advocating for improving health care and delivery system, influencing nation health & nutrition policies, combating pneumonia, diarrhea and other childhood diseases, conducting research and disseminating relevant knowledge, developing strategies and building awareness.

Save the Children works for ensuring food and livelihood security through enhancing livelihood capabilities, strengthening food production, improving working condition with empowerment, advocating for the best utilization of the available resources through strengthening profession skills and all necessary support to the most food-insecure households and districts in Bangladesh too.

It also works with the government, civil societies and all others to ensure child right through campaigns, awareness-raising activities, research and reporting, advocacy and diversified programs.

To ensure quality education to all children, Save the Children works with the government and all other communities through introducing unique education delivery system to the working and hard-to-reach children, training teachers, digitalizing education materials etc. In order to protect children from AIDS, Save the Children works for building social awareness, provide necessary health and psychological support to the affected, synthesizing society and communities in Bangladesh.

As Bangladesh is a disaster-prone country, Save the Children thus works for all sorts of Humanitarian responses and preparedness to build a disaster resilient society.