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25 March 2024 - Story

Prepped for positive learning: Abrar Covets Play-Based Learning!

Abrar (5) is zealous to start the school day because learning and fun come together every morning when he enters the Save the Children (SCI) preschool center. His mother and father, Abdul Zaman and Afroza Begum, enrolled him in the center because they wanted him to have a proper edu - cation. Abrar discovered that learning could be fun at the pre-primary center; he said, “I made new friends there. Our teacher, Mitu, teaches us through playing and games.”

Mitu’s, community teacher, has created a safe learning environment that fosters avid learners. An attentive educator, she noticed that Abrar was absent for several days and decided to delve into the matter further. He states, “I believe in maintaining a cordial relationship with parents because it takes a community to ensure our children stay in school.” Mitu visited Abrar’s house, and Afroza informed her that Abrar was enrolled in a nearby madrasa because his father wanted his education to focus on religious studies. Mitu recalled, “I left upon getting the update, but I was determined to stay in touch about Abrar’s progress.”

Afroza witnessed Abrar’s inquisitive spirit dwindle after a few days in the madrasa. She spoke to her son and learned that Abrar was having many problems with his new school, “Abrar was always depressed or upset at home because he could not adapt to the learning methods and stern man - ners in the madrasa. He insisted that he return to the pre-primary center.” Afroza informed Mitu about Abrar’s condition, and Mitu insisted he return to her classroom. She said, “When I discussed possibly re-enrolling Abrar to the center, Abdul thought readmission was a good idea. My hus - band also noticed that Abrar was not himself.” Upon re-enrolling Abrar to the pre-primary center, his parents and teacher witnessed the enthusias - tic learner in Abrar come back.

Abrar’s eagerness for school every morning is infectious, according to Abdul. He states, “Abrar is waking us up and ensuring he goes to school on time. He is equally cheerful when doing household chores because the center has taught him the value of giving back.” Abrar now attends grade 1 of Bhabanipur Government Primary School, dreaming that he will one day welcome students into his classroom. He says, “I feel like school is a place that helps me grow and understand the world with my friends. I want kids in my classroom to be as excited as I am when they hear the morning school bells ring when I become a teacher.”

The Cholo Shikhi Khelar Chholey (CSKC) supports working parents’ chil - dren’s learning and development through implementing early childhood care and development interventions to ensure they continue their edu - cation in the future and reduce dropouts. We have trained community teachers to mobilize child-centered pedagogy that combines learning and play, including effective use of teaching-learning materials.