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8 February 2023 - Story

MOU Signing Ceremony between Save the Children and Dotlines

We are pleased to share that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Save the Children and Dotlines on 6th February 2023 as a part of a Strategic Partnership with private sectors.

Dotlines is a technology-based venture that works to bring solutions to different aspects of lives. Dotlines offers an array of services in the fields of digital connectivity, training, and learning platforms, digital healthcare services, fintech services, logistical support, and many more. Apart from these, Dotlines also offers enterprise development support by letting the community people sell its service within their communities.

Save the Children is happy to be a part of this great transformative journey with the private sector like Dotlines. SCl works with vulnerable children and youth through multiple interventions. Considering SCI’s priorities in strategic partnership with private sectors, there’s a win-win proposition for both entities where SCI can connect vulnerable children and youth from its different programmes and sectors with Dotlines. Under this strategic partnership, both SCI and Dotlines will be working together to reach the last mile through digital connectivity for skills and enterprise development, e-learning, ICT-based education, healthcare services, logistics, etc. At the same time, SCI and Dotlines can exchange technical expertise to co-create new innovative business models and leverage resources. Both organisations can contribute and collaborate on different occasions. When feasible the parties can advocate for each other’s interventions, and also where there is scope, contribute to the ongoing projects and programmes to maximise the effectiveness of interventions. Save the Children will continue its 100 years old endeavour to make the world a better place for children and youth, and it’s only achievable through keep making value-driven and empowering strategic partnerships with private sectors and a diverse group of actors.