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12 September 2023 - Story

Mamotar Tori- Navigating Hope in Char

Arendabari Char, in the remote corner of Gaibandha District, is 7 kilometers away from the Union Health and Family Welfare Centre (UH&FWC), with no transportation except for horse carts during dry seasons.

Sharmin-Rasel couple from that village were very happy during Sharmin's second-time pregnancy. But the painful experience of their first child being born at home with the help of an unskilled birth attendant was haunting Sharmin. This time also, their family did not think of any different way than making the childbirth at home.

Being very anxious, Sharmin found hope when she started seeing the 'Mamota Project' midwives in the satellite clinic near their home and decided to have a second baby at the UH&FWC this time. All she needed was her husband's support. She talked to her husband, and after some days, her husband Rasel agreed to the institutional delivery silently and started taking Sharmin to the Satellite Clinic by himself.

'Mamota Project', run by Save the Children in Bangladesh, is funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), in leadership by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) of Bangladesh, and is locally implemented by SKS in Gaibandha. Mamota Project extends cooperation to make maternal and neonatal health care and institutional delivery easily accessible to marginalized Char women.

When Sharmin experienced labor pain, their family made every arrangement for a birth attendant at home. It was monsoon, and the rain was falling heavily, so there was no way to go to the Arendabari health facility. Despite all these difficulties, Sharmin called the midwife of the Mamota Project, and the midwife told her they could send a boat to pick her up and take her to the Health Facility.

A quick action by the midwife took Sharmin and her husband transported to the UH&FWC via 'Mamotar Tori,' a boat service by the Mamota Project. Rasel was so pleased seeing the skilled midwife's quick action and affectionate behavior. He completely supported Sharmin and saw the healthy birth of his child.

'Mamotar Tori', a lifeline from Gaibandha to the submerged Sundarganj and Fulchari corners, offers essential medical support – a patient bed, oxygen, and emergency supplies. Even amidst water, it provides comfort with women-friendly spaces and reliable electricity via battery and solar systems.

Sharmin and Rasel are thankful, saying, "Mamotar Tori saved us. Thanks to the Mamota Project, our baby was born healthy. Without the boat, reaching the Arendabari Union health facility would have been impossible! Thanks to everyone at the Mamota Project for helping people like us in Chars."