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20 November 2023 - Story

Every Child, Every Right: Rabeya's Underwater Vision Inspires on World Children's Day

In one of the villages inside the Rohingya camp, surrounded by hills and rivers, there lived a curious and imaginative girl named Rabeya. Unlike many of her peers, Rabeya harbored a dream that delved beneath the surface of the world around her. She wanted to be a photographer, capturing the beauty of living things underwater through her lens. Rabeya's inspiration sparked from a video she stumbled upon one day – a mesmerizing display of underwater photography featuring colorful fishes, vibrant coral reefs, and the enchanting dance of aquatic life.

Photo Credit: Sazia Afrin

World Children's Day arrived, carrying a theme that resonated deeply with Rabeya – "For every child, every right." On this special day, her desire to take underwater photography is a testament to the belief that every child deserves the right to envision, aspire, and dive into the depths of their imagination.