Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS

Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDSHealth, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS sector contributes in saving the lives of newborns, children, youth, adolescents and mothers in Bangladesh. Mainstay of the sector’s approach is to play a catalytic role in fostering positive changes in policy framework and facilitate system changes. The sector continuously operates in all stages within the range of evidence to scale. Our approach is to innovate and demonstrate health system solutions on the ground and advocate for system changes. On the other hand, the sector follows the life cycle approach through prevention and treatment of illness, malnutrition and family planning. The sector focuses on improving knowledge & health-seeking practices among households and communities. The sector emphasizes on access to quality care by providing technical support & strengthening delivery of health services of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOH&FW) and other partners. The sector works in close partnership with the MOH&FW and other relevant ministries, professional bodies, academia, implementing partners and donors. The sector works on maternal & newborn, child, adolescent health nutrition and HIV/AIDS related services through capacity building, advocacy, campaign, improved planning & strengthening coordination between communities and healthcare service providers. Specific interventions include addressing maternal and child malnutrition, provision of antenatal care and safe delivery, postnatal and essential newborn care and treatment of sick newborns, as well as case management of common childhood illnesses, e.g. pneumonia, diarrhea at the community level. The sector also works to strengthen coverage of services in hard to reach areas by upgrading union level facility to provide 24/7 delivery services, training local residents as private community skilled birth attendants and instituting an effective referral network with appropriate transportation to ensure complicated cases reach appropriate facility based care.

Priorities in new CSP 2016-2018

The Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS sector will continue its partnership with the government and other key agencies at a strategic level to help shape national strategies and policies. The sector will continue focus on survival and growth of newborns and children through supporting and strengthening the national health sector development initiatives in a manner that leads to sustainable change.  At different levels, the sector will be ‘the national advocate’ not only for survival of children, but also for garnering larger investment. The sector will raise voices through targeted and strategic approaches to draw attention of the change makers towards policy and system changes to ensure care is reached to poor and the most deprived children. The sector will work towards ensuring a more equitable health sector strategy and plan. The sector will scan its partner environment and perform thorough analysis of comparative advantages of its partners. It will also develop strategic collaborative frameworks with its major collaborators and competitors. The sector will take efforts to continually bring in evidences that increases the likelihood of survival and enhances the quality of life. The sector will take focused initiatives for those who are vulnerable and at risk of HIV.  The sector will create models of implementation to generate replicable knowledge & support the government and other national stakeholders to expand at scale. The sector will leverage to strengthen all aspects of health systems. The sector’s approaches will be to bring in systematic changes to ensure ‘effective and equitable coverage’ of interventions.

“Every birth will take place in a health facility or by trained provider. No child will die due to preventable causes of death.”

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