Child Protection

Child Protection - Save the Children Bangladesh

Child Protection program works to protect children from all forms of violence, abuse, and exploitation including child marriage and gender based violence. We also work to ensure that children who are not receiving appropriate, continuous and quality care from family members or caregivers are able to live in a protective environment. The focus of working children program is to contribute to gradual removal of children from hazardous work, and to improve working conditions when they are engaged in non-hazardous jobs. We also create opportunities for them to be educated and develop as skilled workers. Establishing and strengthening child protection system is central to all our interventions.

Priorities in new CSP 2016-2018

Appropriate care: Child Protection programs is working with some of the most deprived groups of children (e.g. children of sex workers, children affected by AIDS, trafficked children and children with disabilities). They face discrimination and also have limited access to social services. We shall empower the children, their parents, caregivers and organizations representing them so that they can protect their rights. We shall contribute to ensuring that children without appropriate care receive proper care through family and community based alternative care. The government will be supported in developing alternative care guidelines. Service providers will be sensitized to ensure that the deprived groups of children receive services without discrimination. We shall also work with the community members to create a protective environment for the     children. At the national level, the focus of the work will be on including deprived groups of children in social protection schemes.

Protection of Children from Violence: Child Protection program will strengthen the monitoring and response mechanism on the government circular related to prohibiting physical punishment in schools. In partnership with child rights organizations, we shall remain engaged in advocacy to repeal existing laws that allow physical punishment, and enact a new law banning physical and humiliating punishment in all settings. Capacity of parents, teachers and employers will be developed in Positive Discipline techniques to facilitate non-violent interactions with children. Prevention and response interventions on sexual violence faced by children will be strengthened. We shall contribute to developing children’s skills to protect themselves from violence, and plan to pilot a project to protect children from online sexual violence, abuse and exploitation. We plan to develop and implement an integrated program to reduce child marriage. We want to contribute to making violence against children socially unacceptable.

Protection of children from harmful work: Child Protection program will prevent children from entering work by strengthening their families through creating access to income generating opportunities, and linking the children with education and vocational training opportunities. We shall work with the government and development agencies in ensuring gradual removal of children from hazardous/exploitative work. Improvement in working condition of children engaged in non-hazardous work by influencing the employers to implement Code of Conduct will be continued.

Strengthen child protection system: We shall strengthen Community Based Child Protection Committees at the local level following the guidelines of Children Act 2013, and contribute to national child protection system strengthening by providing required support to the government in capacity building and developing tools/guidelines.

“Violence against children will no longer be tolerated, and citizens of Bangladesh will take actions to protect children.”

Child Protection Project Briefs: