application/pdfEmpowering Children to Improve Services in SchoolChildren can be empowered to drive realization of their own rights. We think that we can help this happen by starting with a small step. By identifying a single issue and working with children to put the solution to people who take decision over their lives. This is just what we have been doing in 30 secondary schools in Savar since 2014. Read more in this document...23/11/20161MB
application/pdfEnding Poverty in Our GenerationSave the Children’s vision for a post-2015 framework25/03/201330KB
application/pdfEngaging millions on the issue of Pneumonia in BangladeshWritten By: Tahrim Ariba Chaudhury Pneumonia, the Forgotten Killer has deprived millions of children under 5, the right to survive. Save the Children engages millions on profiling Pneumonia as the leading killer of children under 5 in Bangladesh. 16/05/20193MB
application/pdfEvery Last Child a Spotlight on BangladeshEvery Last Child Campaign Spotlight: Giving All Children in Bangladesh a Fair Start in Life26/04/20161MB
application/pdfEvery One: As It Has BeenNo child is born to die. And no mother should die giving birth. Yet every year millions do. Save the Children is campaigning to end this injustice. That’s why Save the Children launched the EVERY ONE campaign in 2009 with a goal to save millions of children’s lives and help achieve Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 4 by 2015. Bangladesh is also a part of this global campaign and the document is the reflections of last five years "Every One" campaign in Bangladesh. 12/01/20164MB
application/pdfExtreme Poor Livelihoods ProgrammingExtreme Poor Livelihoods Programming: Collection of Instruments This book documents the instruments used in deploying Save the Children's Shiree programme across extreme poor households of south-west Bangladesh. Since there remains ample scope to replicate this model both within Bangladesh's borders and outside, the instruments have been published here in English as well as Bangla. 13/12/201517MB
application/pdfEYEEducation for Youth Empowerment (EYE)-Project Brief02/04/2017126KB
application/pdfFatema's Story From Rohingya CampFatema Jannat* is a 16-year-old Rohingya refugee who lives with her parents and siblings in one of the camps in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. They fled to this neighbouring country from Myanmar due to the violence and finally settled in the camps two years ago. While in Myanmar, she did not attend school though had a zeal to learn in heart. In the camps in Bangladesh, she showed her interest to go to school but her parents did not allow as the learning centres teach both the boys and girls together. With a heavy heart she continued reading Quran instead, alone at home.30/06/2020205KB
application/pdfFeeding the Most VulnerableEmergency Preparedness for Food Security-Food Bank Interventions in Waterlogged Areas of Bangladesh.12/02/20175MB
application/pdfFighting for Breath in BangladeshFighting for Breath in Bangladesh: A call to action on childhood pneumonia12/11/201785KB
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