application/pdfProject Brief - SSSSushikkha O Susasther Mahdhomy Surokkha/ Protection through better education and better health (SSS) aims to work for the vulnerable children of sex workers in Bangladesh. We started working on the protection of hildren (especially girls) of sex workers in Daulatdia brothel, and implemented Safe Home and Aparajito projects. The interventions have evolved to an integrated program involving Child Protection, Education, and Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS sectors. 22/11/2016648KB
application/pdfProyash – An Urban Risk Reduction Project​​​A brief of Proyash – An Urban Risk Reduction Project​​​07/03/2017266KB
application/pdfProyash-Urban Community Volunteer Initiative-Best PracticesA best practice document on our Urban Community Volunteer initiative, where volunteers from the community are trained to respond to disaster and emergency.26/12/2017348KB
application/pdfPsychological First Aid Training ManualThe Psychological First Aid Training Manual is aimed at developing skills and competences that will help child protection staff reduce the initial distress of children who have recently been exposed to a traumatic event. The training targets Save the Children's staff, partners, and professionals such as teachers, educators, health and social workers etc., and volunteers working directly with children in emergencies or in the aftermath of conflicts, natural disasters and critical events.04/08/20163MB
application/pdfREACHProject brief of Reducing Exploitation and Abuse of Children through strengthening National Child Protection System in Bangladesh (REACH)​07/03/20172MB
application/pdfReading Enhancement for Advancing Development (READ)Project brief of Reading Enhancement for Advancing Development (READ)04/05/201715MB
application/pdfRegistration System GuidelineRegistration of the migrants, in particular to the children is essential for national planning and as a demographic base to build effective strategies. The LGIs have the mandate and responsibility to register birth, death, blinds, beggar and destitute (Local Government Ordinance, 1983) In a judgment passed by the high court in February 2011, relating to the violence against child domestic worker, the learned judges have directed the government to ensure registration of all the children and their families in the Ups who are seeking jobs elsewhere as well as the registration of their employers in the urban areas. A guideline is published by Save the Children under “Rural- Urban Child Migration Project” -on how to establish and set up the registration system at the LGI level, including a description to promote the utilization of the registration system at community level. It targets primarily all individual who are responsible for operating and managing registration system at the local government level. 25/08/20148MB
application/pdfReport on KMC CoP Meeting 2016First Asia Regional Meeting on Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) Community of Practice (CoP) held in Dhaka from 10 -12 December, 2016.20/12/2016821KB
application/pdfRound-table Discussion Inclusion of Primary Education as OurEducation is one of the basic needs of every human being. Bangladesh Constitution recognized this need and enjoins on the State ``to adopt effective measures for the purpose of- establishing a uniform, mass oriented and universal system of education and extending free and compulsory education to all children to such stage as may be determined by law; relating education to the needs of society and producing properly trained and motivated citizens to serve those needs; removing illiteracy within such time as may be determined by law.26/06/2016665KB
application/pdfRoundtable Discussion on Child-Sensitive Urban PlanningA report on the round-table discussion that took place on 28 December 201602/01/20185MB
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