application/pdfProject Brief - IPEPInclusive Protection and Empowerment Project for Children with Disabilities (IPEP) project aims to contribute to protection of Children With Disabilities in Bangladesh from all forms of violence and also to strengthen national policy frameworks and adoption of good practices. 22/11/2016867KB
application/pdfProject Brief - ChetonaIn Bangladesh, children of sex workers (ChSWs) and children affected by AIDS (CABA) are some of the most-at-risk and vulnerable groups. These children are largely stigmatized within their communities and are denied basic rights and protection. Find the project brief and read how we are aiming to work for this group of children.22/11/2016880KB
application/pdfMaMoni Newsletter Issue 8, Jan-Mar 2017MaMoni Health System Strengthening Project Newsletter, Issue: 8, January - March 201709/07/2017898KB
application/pdfNewsletter on MaMoni Health Systems Strengthening (HSS)Please find here our latest newsletter on MaMoni Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) Project and read this issue to find out what MaMoni HSS has been up to. Have a look and share your valuable thoughts and feedback with us.14/08/2016922KB
application/pdfChild Rights Commission - FlyerTo ensure rights and protection of every last child there is no alternative to an independent Child Rights Commission. Together with children and civil society (partners), we aim to pursue research, innovation, analysis and advocacy to influence the policy, governance and programmatic agenda so that the rights of all children can be meaningfully and sustainably realised.31/07/2016930KB
application/pdfPartnerships between child led and adult organizationsThe following document summarizes experiences related to partnerships between child led and “adult” led organizations. It builds on experiences from implementing the project: “ICT and innovative partnerships – responding to well-known challenges for children in new ways” in Bangladesh.13/07/2017941KB
application/pdfKnowledge Convention SummaryKnowledge Convention 2017 in Dhaka16/07/2017948KB
application/pdfHolistic approach towards Promotion of inclusive EducationDespite significant progress in access to primary education, 4 million school going age children including children with disabilities are still out of school in Bangladesh. This indicates that the education system in Bangladesh is not ensuring the provision of Right to Education to all children. Children with disabilities (CWDs) are the most vulnerable amongst the disadvantaged groups of children in Bangladesh.04/08/2016954KB
application/pdfProcess Documentation on Violence Against ChildrenProcess Documentation on Violence Against Children06/11/2017956KB
application/pdfApproach Paper-Putting Child Sensitive Social Protection Child Sensitive Social Protection is a Save the Children initiative in South Asia aiming to reduce vulnerability and poverty of children by ensuring that social protection measures lead to meaningful investment in children. Currently the programme is being implemented in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. This paper is a part of a series of working papers being developed on the programme with the purpose of sharing practical approaches for implementing CSSP.18/01/2016997KB
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