application/pdfInvestment in Children ProjectProject Brief of Investment in Children Project20/07/2017200KB
application/pdfFatema's Story From Rohingya CampFatema Jannat* is a 16-year-old Rohingya refugee who lives with her parents and siblings in one of the camps in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. They fled to this neighbouring country from Myanmar due to the violence and finally settled in the camps two years ago. While in Myanmar, she did not attend school though had a zeal to learn in heart. In the camps in Bangladesh, she showed her interest to go to school but her parents did not allow as the learning centres teach both the boys and girls together. With a heavy heart she continued reading Quran instead, alone at home.30/06/2020205KB
application/pdfHIV/AIDS Program​​​A brief of HIV/AIDS Program​​​07/03/2017217KB
application/pdfStatement from Child Rights Advocacy CoalitionStatement from Child Rights Advocacy Coalition in Bangladesh01/08/2017221KB
application/pdfCall for Abstract-Child Centered Disaster Risk ReductionThe Child-Centred Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation and Comprehensive School Safety-A Researchers – Practitioners – Policy-Makers Symposium is intended to bring practitioners, policy-makers, and current/future researchers together into the discussion to more systematically and effectively bring evidence into policy and practice, and to support practice based application and research.07/03/2018224KB
application/pdfMonitoring Child Rights Situation in BangladeshProject Brief of Monitoring Child Rights Situation in Bangladesh20/07/2017234KB
application/pdfEducation for Children in EmergencyProject brief of Education for Children in Emergency (EiE)07/03/2017246KB
application/pdfSHIKHONProject brief of SHIKHON04/05/2017266KB
application/pdfProyash – An Urban Risk Reduction Project​​​A brief of Proyash – An Urban Risk Reduction Project​​​07/03/2017266KB
application/pdfUN Convention on the Rights of the ChildConcluding observations on the fifth periodic report of Bangladesh18/01/2016274KB
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