application/pdfVNR Status ReportGlobally it is estimated that up to 1 billion children aged 2-17 years, have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence or neglect in the past years[1]. As in all countries thought the world, children living in Bangladesh experience situations of violence. Children continue to be subjected to various forms[i] of violence, including killings, torture and rapes in their homes, within their communities, schools, and work environments. The perpetrators range from parents, caregivers, peers or strangers. Some specific categories of children remain more vulnerable than others, especially trafficking victims, children of sex workers, those with disabilities, those from ethnic or religious minority groups, refugees, those affected by AIDS, Dalit (untouchable) children. Working children are subjected to cruel torture, which many cases leading to their deaths. This report is an attempt to take a deeper look into the different violence happening against children on this country , the reasons, trend and analysis, FGD with children, existing policy frameworks and makes some key recommendations. 24/06/2020741KB
application/pdfSave the Children in Bangladesh: Annual Report 2018Save the Children is one of the world’s leading independent organisations for children. We save children’s lives. We fight for their rights. We help them fulfil their potential. Through our work, Save the Children puts the most deprived and marginalised children first, to ensure that all children benefit from the progress the world is making. 14/11/20193MB
application/pdfChildhood Interrupted:Voice of Rohingya ChildrenThe report reflects the views, hopes and desires of children that have been affected by the Rohingya Refugee crisis, who were consulted between 2 December and 5 December 2017. 27/02/20182MB
application/pdfStatement from Child Rights Advocacy CoalitionStatement from Child Rights Advocacy Coalition in Bangladesh01/08/2017221KB
application/pdfKnowledge Convention SummaryKnowledge Convention 2017 in Dhaka16/07/2017948KB
application/pdfChild Rights Week 2016 ReportOn the occasion of this year’s International Children's Day (03 October), Bangladesh government declared 29 September-05 October, as the Child Rights Week -2016. Along with the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MoWCA), Save the Children in Bangladesh observed the week with different activities. The theme of the week, decided by the government, was “থাকবে শিশু সবার মাঝে ভাল, দেশ-সমাজ পরিবারে জ্বলবে আশার আলো (If the children stay well with us, country-society and family will see the ray of hope).” Read the document to see how with variety of activities we have celebrated this year's Child Right's Week throughout Bangladesh.24/10/2016835KB
application/pdfPartnership Annual Report-2015Working in partnership is the cornerstone of Save the Children International (SCI)’s Theory of Change and the Country Strategy for Bangladesh. SCI works with local partners to increase the depth and breadth of its programming, but even more importantly to secure sustainability, ownership and the development of a strong civil society that can promote child rights and accountability for children. Bangladesh Country Office has successfully established its partnership framework in 2013, and has created a momentum for rolling-out the framework. In 2013 and 2014, Save the Children Sweden (SCS) and Save the Children Denmark (SCD) supported a TA position on partnership based in Bangladesh, through SIDA and DANIDA funding. The purpose was to strengthen the partnership approach both in Bangladesh and in the region. The Technical Advisor provided support to establish framework and guidance for program and support staff on developing and supporting quality partnerships. This included the various aspects of work of SCI with partners, such as assessments, selection, project planning, capacity building and evaluation. The framework will thus have an impact on activities of SCI with partners, but also on the structures, tools and approaches of SCI itself.27/03/20163MB
application/pdfAnnual Partner Feedback 2015The successes, opportunities and challenges of the Bangladesh Country Office are based to a large extent on how we collaborate with partners. Partners implement over 70% of the program budget. Partnership issues cut across program and support sectors, and require a high level of coordination if we are to ensure quality relationships. The Partnership Framework provides overall guidance, but regular feedback from our partners is crucial to monitoring how well we are implementing Save the Children’s approach to partnerships. The feedback mechanism ensure quality and learning in our collaboration, but they also ensures that we live up to our principles in the relationships we have with our partners and with the children and communities we are working together to support. Our partners are asked to complete a Partner Feedback Survey once a year. The survey provides quantifiable scores over time to allow the Country Office to track how our partners rate our partnership practices. The questions encompass areas around financial support, non-financial support (i.e. capacity strengthening), relationship and communication and monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning.27/03/20161003KB
application/pdfCountry Annual Review 2014Save the Children's Bangladesh Country Annual Review 201430/08/20153MB
application/pdfPartnership Framework (Bangla version)The Partnership Framework provides guidance for program and support staff on developing and supporting quality partnerships. The Framework will help ensure that we have a common approach to partnership across the Country Program. It covers definitions of partnership, including both strategic and project partnerships, Partnership Principles, Essential Standards, the partnership management cycle, and related tools and reference materials.09/07/20153MB
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