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application/pdfMaMoni Newsletter Issue 8, Jan-Mar 2017MaMoni Health System Strengthening Project Newsletter, Issue: 8, January - March 201709/07/2017898KB
application/pdfNewsletter on MaMoni Health Systems Strengthening (HSS)Please find here our latest newsletter on MaMoni Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) Project and read this issue to find out what MaMoni HSS has been up to. Have a look and share your valuable thoughts and feedback with us.14/08/2016922KB
application/pdfMaMoni Health Systems Strengthening Project-NewsletterMaMoni HSS Project supports Bangladesh Government to observe World Prematurity Day 2015 and national introduction of KMC27/03/20161MB
application/pdfBangladesh Health Inequity Impact StoryRemote areas in Bangladesh have the lowest access to healthcare and historically have been left behind. The Health Population and Nutrition Sector programme from 2017-2022 has adapted a mechanism which is contextual in nature and would address the most deprived and marginalized.07/02/20181MB
application/pdfPrimary Health Care First: Strengthening foundation for UHCUniversal health coverage (UHC) promises a world in which all people have access to the health services, vaccinations and medicines they need, without risk of financial hardship. A world where the right to health is realised for the 400 million people who currently lack access to basic, primary health care. The global community has committed to work together to deliver UHC by 2030 under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The challenge now is to translate aspirations to UHC into achievements.11/02/20181MB
application/pdfWorld Pneumonia Day 2019 in BangladeshPneumonia is the world’s leading infectious killer of children, claiming the lives of more than 800,000 children under the age of five every year, more than 2,000 every day. This deadly disease claimed the lives of 12,000 children under the age of five in 2018- that is one child every hour. Through Universal Health Coverage and equitable access to quality primary health care it is possible to prevent, diagnose and treat pneumonia. Global Action Pan for Pneumonia and Diarrhea (GAPPD) aim to end two major preventable deaths by 2025, targeting to bring deaths from pneumonia to 3 per thousand live births for under 5. Although Bangladesh has made commendable progress through its’ Expanded Program of Immunization, there is still 4 per 1000 live births, under five mortality rate due to pneumonia in 2018.25/06/20202MB
application/pdf Pneumonia Policy Impact in BangladeshWritten By: Tahrim Ariba Chaudhury Over 48 million pneumonia vaccinations have been provided for children since 2015 since the inclusion of Pneumococcal Vaccine (PCV) in Government’s routine Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI) in March 2015. Save the Children and its partners have continued to advocate for this inclusion through the National Pneumonia Coalition for over 5 years. This success was a huge step forward in reducing preventable childhood deaths caused my Pneumonia.27/04/20202MB
application/pdfUniversal Health Coverage in BangladeshThe report was commissioned as part of a Save the Children’s Global Report first steps: Strengthening Primary Healthcare for Universal Health Coverage to promote primary healthcare as the first step toward UHC. The objectives of this research were to promote understanding of the health policy environment in Bangladesh, to explore ongoing work toward UHC, barriers, challenges, and commitments by different stakeholders.11/02/20182MB
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.documentApplicant Response FormProposal of HIV Funding Request (re-iteration) to the Global Fund has been uploaded for your comments and feedback. Save the Children along with government is a Principle Recipient (PR) of the Global Fund. Before submitting this proposal to the Global Fund, Govt. would like to incorporate the comments and feedback if received. You can send your comments and feedback to the following email: by 30 August 2020. 30/08/20202MB
application/pdfSNMP BriefINTEGRATION OF MIDWIFERY SERVICES INTO THE HEALTH SYSTEM: Experience of Strengthening the National Midwifery Program (SNMP) through UNFPA and Save the Children in Bangladesh11/02/20213MB
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