application/pdfFatema's Story From Rohingya CampFatema Jannat* is a 16-year-old Rohingya refugee who lives with her parents and siblings in one of the camps in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. They fled to this neighbouring country from Myanmar due to the violence and finally settled in the camps two years ago. While in Myanmar, she did not attend school though had a zeal to learn in heart. In the camps in Bangladesh, she showed her interest to go to school but her parents did not allow as the learning centres teach both the boys and girls together. With a heavy heart she continued reading Quran instead, alone at home.30/06/2020205KB
application/pdfSHIKHONProject brief of SHIKHON04/05/2017266KB
application/pdfShishur Khamatayan-MLE Project brief of Shishur Khamatayan-MLE, Supporting Hardest to Reach though Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education 04/05/2017453KB
application/pdfEducation Program Learning Group WorkshopEducation Program Learning Group Workshop-A platform for cross program collaboration and learning 26/06/2016528KB
application/pdfShishuder JonnoProject brief of Shishuder Jonno Sponsorship Funded, Integrated Child Development Program (ICDP) 04/05/2017608KB
application/pdfHolistic approach towards Promotion of Inclusive EducationBrief of Holistic approach towards Promotion of Inclusive Education (HOPE) project04/05/2017653KB
application/pdfRound-table Discussion Inclusion of Primary Education as OurEducation is one of the basic needs of every human being. Bangladesh Constitution recognized this need and enjoins on the State ``to adopt effective measures for the purpose of- establishing a uniform, mass oriented and universal system of education and extending free and compulsory education to all children to such stage as may be determined by law; relating education to the needs of society and producing properly trained and motivated citizens to serve those needs; removing illiteracy within such time as may be determined by law.26/06/2016665KB
application/pdfEducation and Protection for Refugee Children (EPRC) ProjectBrief of Education and Protection for Refugee Children (EPRC) Project04/05/2017804KB
application/pdfEducation continuity during COVID-19 pandemic situation -1Education continuity during COVID-19 pandemic situation: Experience of Rohingya Response in Cox's Bazar08/09/2020889KB
application/pdfHolistic approach towards Promotion of inclusive EducationDespite significant progress in access to primary education, 4 million school going age children including children with disabilities are still out of school in Bangladesh. This indicates that the education system in Bangladesh is not ensuring the provision of Right to Education to all children. Children with disabilities (CWDs) are the most vulnerable amongst the disadvantaged groups of children in Bangladesh.04/08/2016954KB
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