Child Rights Governance

application/pdfEmpowering Children to Improve Services in SchoolChildren can be empowered to drive realization of their own rights. We think that we can help this happen by starting with a small step. By identifying a single issue and working with children to put the solution to people who take decision over their lives. This is just what we have been doing in 30 secondary schools in Savar since 2014. Read more in this document...23/11/20161MB
application/pdfOPTIONAL PROTOCOL 3 Optional Protocol 3 to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) on a Communications Procedure (hereafter referred to as OP3 CRC) is an international human rights treaty that allows children, groups of children or their representatives, who claim that their rights have been violated by their State to bring a communication, or complaint, before the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.14/11/20161MB
application/pdfChildren in Bangladesh-Progress Towards Commitments 2015The Child Rights Advocacy Coalition in Bangladesh believes that civil society organizations have a significant role to play in assisting the Government to implement the recommendations of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the child focused Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations Human Rights Council (the UPR) recommendations at the national level. As a part of that process, the Coalition has prepared this report as an instrument to assess the progress of the Government’s initiatives to implement their commitments and identify the gaps and challenges. The Coalition has also put forward some specific policy recommendations for the Government’s consideration, to overcome existing challenges for children in Bangladesh.05/10/201613MB
application/pdfImproving Accountability Improving Services in SchoolTransformation begins when you bring together children and school authorities. This content sheds light on the stories of change that made students participatory in their schools and authorities accountable for services. To know about the stories of transformation read more here.06/09/2016418KB
application/pdfAnalysis of Child Budget 2016-17Child budget in Bangladesh had always been on the edge of the priority list. We are working closely with the government and advocating for sufficient allocation of budget for children and their development. Our recent report on the analysis of child budget for fiscal year 2016-17 sheds light on various aspects and different mechanism of budget allocation for children.17/08/20163MB
application/pdfChild Rights Commission - FlyerTo ensure rights and protection of every last child there is no alternative to an independent Child Rights Commission. Together with children and civil society (partners), we aim to pursue research, innovation, analysis and advocacy to influence the policy, governance and programmatic agenda so that the rights of all children can be meaningfully and sustainably realised.31/07/2016930KB
application/pdfGiving All Children in Bangladesh a Fair Start in LifeBangladesh is widely recognised as a Millennium Development Goal success story with a strong track record of growth and socio-economic development. The decline in the poverty headcount has been nothing short of remarkable. However, there are excluded children in this region. The reasons for exclusion – sex, location, ethnicity, religion, etc. – are intertwined and often complementary. Moreover, numerically, where a child is born in Bangladesh will be a strong determinant of her opportunities in life. We want to shine a spotlight on this location driven exclusion, with a focus on children born in hard to reach rural areas or in urban slums.27/07/20161MB
application/pdfChild Poverty and Child Club -Bangla Child Poverty and Child Clubs-Making Time to Learn, Play and Act for Change26/06/20166MB
application/pdfChild Poverty and Child Club -English Child Poverty and Child Clubs-Making Time to Learn, Play and Act for Change26/06/20162MB
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