Child Rights Governance

application/pdfUnited Nations Convention on the Rights of the ChildrenA child-friendly poster by Save the Children on joint ventures with the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Bangladesh Shishu Academy and Breaking the Silence based on the articles 1-42 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Children.19/11/20193MB
application/pdfRout to Right: Children are speaking up A global report on the status of children’s rights in 17 countries was launched in June 2019. In line with that global initiative, nationally we are launching 'Route to Rights: Children are Speaking up' report on National Child Rights Situation in Bangladesh. This report is done by 'Joining Forces: Child Rights Now', a joint initiative of 6 organizations. The initiative plans to advocate for renewed commitment to achieve the rights of all children and the Convention as well as to integrate a child rights focus in measuring the Sustainable Development Goals. Children’s voices, views and recommendations has been a central part of the report. 24/09/20195MB
application/pdfImpact Assessment of Child Friendly Local Governance ProjectImpact Assessment of Child Friendly Local Governance Project.Please read the document for details14/11/20182MB
application/pdfSocial Cost of Migration on Children left behindThe study investigated and identified the social costs of migration on children who are left behind when their parents (one or both) migrate internally or internationally for employment. The study identifies the impacts on children associated with migration at household and community levels in terms of their safety and protection, health, education and rights. The study also attempts to discern how children (both male and female) of migrants are affected as a result of being left behind.12/11/20172MB
application/pdfChild Rights Week 2017 ReportChild Rights Week 2017 Report08/11/20172MB
application/pdfAn Analysis of National and Local Budget of BangladeshA study analyzed the national and local budgets of Bangladesh focusing inclusive education and found insignificant resources available at the disposal of local governments to mark a meaningful impact, particularly for children with special needs.10/10/2017842KB
application/pdfCall for an end to Violence Against Children in BangladeshAdvocacy Report on Call for an end to Violence Against Children in Bangladesh08/10/2017557KB
application/pdfPresentation on Violence Against Children for Round-tablePresentation on Violence Against Children for Round-table29/08/20173MB
application/pdfNational Children's Task Force (NCTF)Project Brief of National Children's Task Force (NCTF)20/07/2017602KB
application/pdfMonitoring Child Rights Situation in BangladeshProject Brief of Monitoring Child Rights Situation in Bangladesh20/07/2017234KB
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