Child Protection

application/pdfPHP Booklet - Child Protection FAQ11/06/20188MB
application/pdfPHP Booklet - Child Protection11/06/20186MB
application/pdfThe Many Faces of Exclusion: End of Childhood Report 2018The Many Faces of Exclusion Poverty, conflict and discrimination against girls are putting more than 1.2 billion children – over half of children worldwide – at risk for an early end to their childhood. Many of these at-risk children live in countries facing two or three of these grave threats at the same time. In fact, 153 million children are at extreme risk of missing out on childhood because they live in countries characterized by all three threats. In commemoration of International Children’s Day, Save the Children releases its second annual End of Childhood Index, taking a hard look at the events that rob children of their childhoods and prevent them from reaching their full potential. 03/06/201812MB
application/pdfProcess Documentation on Violence Against ChildrenProcess Documentation on Violence Against Children06/11/2017956KB
application/pdfHope against Despair-A story book of Child ProtectionStories included in 'Hope Against Despair' are from a number of Child Protection Projects, which were implemented by Save the Children in partnership with national and local NGO's in Bangladesh.24/07/20175MB
application/pdfIKEA Good Cause Campaign (GCC)Project brief of IKEA Good Cause Campaign (GCC)07/03/20173MB
application/pdfCitizen Reporting Platform (CRP)Project brief of Citizen Reporting Platform (CRP)07/03/20173MB
application/pdfSushikha O Susasther Mahdhomy Surokkha (SSS)Project brief of Sushikha O Susasther Mahdhomy Surokkha/ Protection through better education and better health ​(SSS)07/03/20173MB
application/pdfREACHProject brief of Reducing Exploitation and Abuse of Children through strengthening National Child Protection System in Bangladesh (REACH)​07/03/20172MB
application/pdfInclusive Protection and Empowerment Project (IPEP)Project brief of Inclusive Protection and Empowerment Project (IPEP)07/03/20175MB
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