Workshop on education in emergency

Wednesday 9 November 2016


A three-day workshop was held on 26-28 October in order to develop a strategy on education safe from disasters. The main objective of this initiative is to sensitize the actors in education and disaster sectors on right to education during emergency. It also aimed to advocate for policy changes in order to facilitate an enabling environment for comprehensive school safety as well.

The first two days of the workshop were dedicated to officials from country offices and the third day of the workshop was for national level stakeholders working on education and disaster. Dr. Ishtiaq Mannan, Deputy Country Director welcomed participants while reflecting on country office priorities and significance of education in emergency situations.

Among government officials, there were representations from Directorate of Primary Education, Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Department of Disaster Management, National Academy for Educational Management, National Curriculum and Text Book Board. Apart from government officials, there were also officials from UNICEF, DFAT, Plan International, Room to Read and Concern Universal who contributed in different sessions.