Violence against children can no longer be tolerated-a call for advocacy

Monday 14 August 2017

Violence against children has become a major concern in Bangladesh. Moreover, children are subjected to killing, torture, rape, etc. in different settings, including in their homes, schools, communities and work environments by people from different people. As there is no witness protection mechanism, it is also very difficult to ensure justice for the children.

In this situation, Save the Children in Bangladesh has expressed a grave concern issuing a press statement over the recent incidents of violence in the country. The statement came under Child Rights Advocacy Coalition following the incidents of murder of a number of children in separate parts of the country.

In the statement, the coalition analyzed the violence situation, mentioning that the recent incidents of children are being subjected to violence for family clash, grabbing property and selfish intentions of adults etc.

Hundreds of children also demanded justice and protection for all the children in Bangladesh in solidarity with the Coalition.  Accordingly, National Children’s Task Force (NCTF) submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner in 64 districts, urging protection for all children in Bangladesh. The protest demonstrated in all districts with the support of Save the Children while violence against children reportedly increased and killed in different districts.

The consecutive violence in the recent few months pointed out the culture of injustice and protection system. It is also addressed that that lack of effective implementation of existing protection mechanism and slow response of the administration to protect the children are exposing children to several kinds of violence in their daily life.  In this circumstance, all the people of our society including the law enforcement agencies to be more sensible showing zero tolerance to all sorts of violence against children.

The coalition also believes that government is not alone responsible for protecting the children against all violence, but collectively, responsibilities lies to everyone in the society, and it is urgent to unite for movement as an activist.

Stressing the engagement of wider civil society, the Coalition stated “it is important to develop a strong collaboration to end all forms of violence against children from our society.”

Save the Children strongly believes that the government of Bangladesh will do everything within its power to justice and help to end such violence against children. Together with the civil society organizations, we are advocating to strengthen child protection systems, including laws, policies, regulations and services.

We also advocate and support the creation of a protective environment for children in partnership with governments, national and international partners, National Human Rights Commission including civil society

Save the Children also urged government to establish child protection systems to ensure a protective environment in Bangladesh with enabling communities and families to prevent and respond to violence, exploitation and abuse of children.