Training on Communication and Media for Partners

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Save the Children

A training on Communications and Media was conducted for partners to improve the capacity of communications and media through development of old and new skill sets. A total Twenty three (23) participants from 13 partner organizations attended the training from 04-05 September. Bangladesh country office communication focal Md. Abdul Quayyum facilitated this two days long training while different resource personnel also contributed in particular segments.

Mark T. Pierce, Country Director, SCiBD gave his remarks during the closing session. Susanto Dobey, Director Award Management and Partnership and Sharon Hauser, Director – Programme Development and Quality were present in the inauguration session of this training.


The objectives of the training were:

- To effectively build the capacity of communications and media within partners through development of old and new skill sets.

- Participants will learn how to communicate the story in a way that positively promotes the organization and the work towards children and improves public relations using national, local & social media to gain public support for the cause.

- During the training, participants will look at how to make the media work for them and study the way the media and journalism can increase the success of a campaign.


An identical test was administered to test participants for their knowledge on media and communications before commencing the session and also in the closing day. Aggregated scores in pre and post test (an increase from 52 to 72) proved an increased competency of media and communications among the participants.