Thousands of youth vowed to stand beside Every Last Child

Tuesday 7 March 2017

A total of 3000 youths joined to express support for Every Last Child campaign in Bangladesh. They have joined in the movement through their online voting ( on the occasion of National Rover Moot 2017 held between 26-31 January in Gopalgonj. The key objectives was to build a strong sense of social responsibilities among young generation to motivate their participation in children’s development.

Though youth constitutes a large section of society, but there are few opportunities to share their voices on issues that are important to them. It has been important to develop their understanding on the deprivation of children. With the campaign integration, they are now motivated to speak with a clear voice on deprivation and exclusion of children in Bangladesh.

Aiming maximum integration with youth, a learning corner “ELC station“ was established for five days to create more understating, clarification and motivation. While introduced to the campaign, they expressed their interest to extend support for every last child. To that note, more than three hundred youth write letter to Prime Minister urging the actions for improving children’s lives.

“We must also be aware of the discrimination some children and take immediate action to stop this” said a scout member. They also expressed their solidarity with the statement “Children, specifically in remote rural and slum areas need more attention for education, health and living facilities”.