Strengthening National Midwifery Program

Sunday 9 July 2017

The Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS sector in the Bangladesh Country Office, has rolled out its newest initiative called Strengthening National Midwifery Program (SNMP) in April 2017. The team has been on board and functioning from June 2017. The program awarded by UNFPA, aims to introduce midwife-led care including routine obstetric and newborn care and initial stabilization of emergencies at targeted Upazila Health Complexes prior to referring elsewhere. Additionally, the program focuses on strengthening evidence based routine obstetric and newborn care practices undertaken at Medical Colleges and District Hospitals in Bangladesh that currently function as primary clinical education sites for midwives. Save the Children in Bangladesh will implement the program in all eight divisions, 36 districts, 38 primary education sites and 27 Upazila Health Complexes (UHCs) across the country.

With a lens of supporting the SDG targets of 98% deliveries undertaken at health facilities in Bangladesh and the 98% of all deliveries to be attended by skills birth attendants, the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) has launched a number of initiatives with assistance from its development partners. Nationally accredited midwives have been educated to a global standard as recommended by the International Confederation of Midwives and 1200 nurses have been deployed in Upazila and Union level facilities to initiate a recent Government-driven midwife-led model of care.

The SNMP program will focus on government’s health system strengthening by facilitating minimum readiness of service facilities through mobilization of government resources at local levels. The project will create an enabling environment by organizing sensitization meetings and workshops at national, divisional and district levels as well as individual communications with all facility managers. The program will hire clinical mentors who will play a critical role in ensuring on-the-job training to midwives who provide services in midwife-led care facilities.