Story of Transformation Experienced by Nipa

Wednesday 9 May 2018

Nipa was a student of Hazi Azizur Rahman Govt. Primary School at Sylhet. Her class roll was 53 and she was struggling to cope with the regular pace of the class. To prevent drop out and repetition due to low performance, SHIKHON implemented Community Children Club –an after school support program for slow performer of grade 3. Like other selected learners, Nipa started learning Bangla and Mathematics with supplementary workbooks and game-based mathematical activity.

Thanks to the Learner- friendly, enjoyable environment and interactive games. She developed her skill to read and write Bangla. She also improved significantly to understand and solve the problems of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division within a short period of time. Finally, her regular presence, participation in the games of Mathematics enabled her to obtain 98 marks in Mathematics in the terminal examination of class 3.

The Headmaster of the primary school Mr. Tobarak Ali remarked, “This has been a total transformation! However, Nipa was not the only one who demonstrated academic performance with the help of the Community Children Club. All 20 low-performing students did better than before in Language and Mathematics.”