Stop Unnecessary Cesarean Section

Thursday 12 April 2018
Over 1 million C-section occurs in Bangladesh out of which 750,000 are at private facilities. Even with this rising facility delivery, Bangladesh's maternal mortality hasn't declined in the last 6 years (BMMS, 2016) leading to unnecessary C-Sections. The C Section  rate has surged to 31% from 21% in Bangladesh causing unbearably high out of pocket expenses. Having an unnecessary C-section puts mothers and babies at needless risks, increasing the likelihood of infections and etc. Natural births on the other hand enable mothers and babies to have physical contact sooner with breastfeeding beginning earlier.
Save the Children is working to turn the tide to improve access to quality healthcare in Bangladesh while reducing the number of unnecessary C-sections. We have turned to public campaigning, teaming up with like-minded organizations to launch a ‘Stop Unnecessary Cesarean Section’ initiative. Working with a number of stakeholders including doctors, researchers, rights activists, representatives of donor agencies and media, Save the Children is creating a collaborative platform to raise voice, build awareness and influence policy advocacy on this issue. To know more about this initiative please visit our WebsiteYouTube channel and follow our Facebook page.