SHIKHON children from a remote village secured GPA 5

Tuesday 31 January 2017

Ghordra is a remote village of Lalpur, Natore and people of the village largely relies on agriculture for their livelihood. However, children from disadvantage communities who appeared in the primary terminal examination, broke previous records. All of the 33 participant children secured GPA 5 in the primary completion examination. Credit is due to SHIKHON programme.

Village Education and Resource Centre (VERC), a local partner of Save the Children established this learning centre in 2013. Through SHIKHON (“Learning”) Program, Save the Children and implementing partners are providing cost-effective, quality, non-formal primary education (NFPE) to children from disadvantaged communities. European Union has been financially supporting SHIKHON and this model of reaching out children from disadvantaged communities has been acclaimed nationally.

Nilufar Yesmin, a teacher who supported learners to make such an accomplishment said ‘I was certain that my students would do well in the primary completion examination. However, I am proud that I have been able to keep my promise to help learners achieve their goal’. Teachers like Nilufar usually undergo through 52 day long basic and subject-wise training on pedagogical issues, lesson plan delivery, assessment and joyful learning. Beside this teachers’ received hands on support from their supervisors.  Nilufar not only coordinated with supervisors and followed directions authentically, but she also got community members and guardians involved in supporting learners. All those efforts yielded ultimate result for the learners. 

SHIKHON has created opportunity for quality primary education for 300,000 hard-to-reach children since 2007. In 2014 alone, a number of 160,400 children has been reached through various Shikhon interventions in 17 districts of Bangladesh. Partners of SHIKHON are Community Development Centre (CODEC), RDRS Bangladesh and Village Education Resource Centre (VERC).