Safe Motherhood Day 2017 observed

Monday 5 June 2017

MaMoni Health Systems Strengthening (MaMoni HSS) project of Save the Children jointly with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare observed safe motherhood day both at national level and in some selected districts namely Habiganj, Noakhali and Jhalokathi on May 28, 2017. The project supported the development and production of 50,000 posters that were disseminated through government channel all over Bangladesh.

There were also colourful rallies doing rounds in the main thoroughfares of the district. They were followed by discussion program where managers from Health and Family Planning Department, local government representatives, service providers, journalists and MaMoni HSS staff took part. The discussion focused on the importance of getting delivery conducted at the facility in agreement with the ministry-approved slogan “We need to go to a health center for safe delivery”.  While speakers appreciated various government and NGO-led programs leading to declining maternal mortality rates, they also called for greater investment and better coordination and management to further bring down these rates in near future.