Quality Educator for Every Child (QE4EC) project arranged a ‘Learning Sharing Program’ at Rangpur

Thursday 18 January 2018

Quality Educator for Every Child (QE4EC) project arranged a ‘Learning Sharing Program’ at RDRS, Rangpur on December 8, 2017. The event aimed to share the learning and improvement of the of the project on pedagogical knowledge, classroom management and assessment skills among the teachers with teachers and district education officials. A total of 85 participants including upazila education officials and teachers were present at the event.

Teachers from the intervention areas shared their pedagogical improvements they attained from the project. Emily Richardson, Senior Education Specialist from Save the Children USA shared the findings of the Endline Study of this project. The study revealed that teachers’ pedagogical knowledge has been improved especially on following learning strategy, child centered techniques, cross-curricular teaching, teacher-student interaction, asking questions and answering and active engagement of the students and teachers. The study also unveiled that 82% of the teachers from the intervention areas check students understating while 84% encourage learners’ confidence.

Quality Educator for Every Child (QE4EC) contributed to improving the teaching-learning practices among 15 newly nationalized primary schools at Badarganj Upazila of Rangpur district from November 2016 to January 2018. Funded by Porticus, the main objective of the project is to design and pilot a blended, teacher-driven professional development course that can be scaled up or adapted to other contexts where a quality impulse is required from the ground up.  The project has delivered a flexible modality of professional development for primary schools’ teachers focusing on pedagogical knowledge (how to teach) and subject knowledge (what to teach). Working together with the DPE, PTI and school teachers, Save the Children will design a blended course that takes teachers’ classroom contexts and professional expertise into account.