Print-rich materials for reading-friendly environment at schools

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Sreekuta Government Primary School of Chunarughat under Habiganj district is one of 2,200 schools under USAID’s Reading Enhancement for Advancing Development (READ) Activity where the grade 1-3 students enjoy print-rich environment at their school. Print-rich materials are classroom teaching materials that are designed following content in grades 1-3 textbooks. The purpose of print-rich materials is to increase reading skills and confidence for the early grade students. Teachers incorporate the colorful materials to enrich their lessons and generate young learners’ interest.

Nipa Banik, an assistant teacher on Bangla subject of this school feels classrooms should be more attractive and learning friendly so that students get attracted to learn. “Students relate their classroom learning with the colorful posters including hanging letters, letter in spider net and pocket chart. They learn uncommon letters and word, opposite word, similar word and conjunct letter with great enthusiasm.” Said Nipa while she was discussing how the print-rich materials are helping students improving their Bangla skill.

Nipa attended training on Teaching Learning Materials (TLM) from USAID’s READ Activity. She also had orientation to conduct classes using print-rich materials. She noticed improvement in Bangla language skill among her students.

Nadia Akter, Head Teacher of the same school said, “READ provided print-rich materials help our student creating enthusiasm for learning Bangla. It makes the classroom environment colorful. Students can easily connect their classroom learning with the pictorial presentation of the lessons.”