Milestones achieved in maternal health care

Monday 10 July 2017

The National Technical Committee (NTC) approved the Maternal Health Strategy (MHS) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in May 2017, which is considered as the milestones in standardizing and improving the quality of maternal health care at various levels of health facilities in Bangladesh

The SOPs will serve as a basic guideline for health workers and managers who are responsible to provide essential maternal, newborn and reproductive health services at the different layers of health facilities across the country.

Initiated in 2012, around 150 members under five technical sub-committees produced the SOPs. The members represented the government, non-government agencies, development partners, professional bodies, academia, and public health experts among others. The MaMoni HSS Project along with UNICEF coordinated the development process along with providing financial and technical support.

The SOPs are awaiting endorsement of the National Steering Committee, a committee at the ministerial level, before they are disseminated and implemented in the field.