HIV/AIDS Program organized workshop to strengthen ownership and accountability

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Save the Children HIV/AIDS Program organized a management and leadership workshop between the dates 24/02/18 and 27/02/18. Workshop was organized to initiate another phase of grant equivalent to USD 12 million from the Global Fund. Save the Children is one of the Principle Recipients of the grant titled ‘Prioritized HIV prevention services for Key Populations in Bangladesh’ for the period of December, 2017 to November, 2020.

This grant is being implemented through Direct Implementation and Partnership with 3 Sub Recipients (SRs) and 5 Sub Sub-Recipients (SSRs). Through 50 drop in centers in 15 districts, HIV prevention services are provided to 9000 people who inject drugs (PWID) and 18500 female sex workers (FSWs). 

In the workshop, Dr. Lima Rahman, Chief of Party, HIV/AIDS Program presented big picture of the global goals as set by the apex organizations and Save the Children’s positioning for ending HIV by 2030.    Based on the directives and context of emerging need, Mr. M. Omar Faruque, Deputy Director, Management and Implementation facilitated an in-depth exercise on technical priorities in the workshop. An accountability framework was developed in consultation with participants.  While attending the workshop Dr. Shamim Jahan, Director, Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS Sector expressed his commitments to contribute in the inter-sectoral collaboration.