Ensure political rights of children keeping them away from political violence

Wednesday 29 March 2017



In Bangladesh, there is no clause in the political party constitutions and Representation of People’s Order (RPO) of Election Commission about children’s participation in politics; and there is no guideline to protect them from any political violence. In the past children were widely misused by the political parties in different political activities and for that they were the victims of physical and mental torture.

Against this backdrop, Save the Children has been organizing series of discussions with the political activists at local and national level to raise the awareness of the leaders on children’s political rights and also to protect them from any political violence.  

In this context, civil and political alliances are especially important in order to promote children’s exercise of their civil and political rights and protect them from political violence. To create this, Save the Children has sensitized political leaders at the mainstream level not to engage children, adolescents and youth in negative politics, along with the Election Commission’s monitoring mechanism.  

In recent time, Save the Children in association with  Democracy Watch, has organized three dialogues and  view-exchange meetings, with political leaders in Dhaka, Jessore and Satkhira to stress their roles on child rights. Around three hundred participants from different sectors, including district level political leaders of the two major parties (i.e., Bangladesh Awami League, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), teachers, parents, civil society, students and journalists also participated in the discussion, vowing not to use children in harmful political activities, rather creating child firendly political environment to ensure their political rights.