Consultation meeting on banning Physical and Humiliating Punishment in all settings

Monday 10 July 2017

“There is no scope, now, to deny the prohibition of Physical and Humiliating Punishment (PHP) of children by teachers following the order of the Honourable High Court and the Circular issued by the MoPME (Ministry of Primary and Mass Education). Furthermore, it is now necessary to ensure greater implementation of such directions at field level and carry out the requisite monitoring”-said Md. Habibur Rahman, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Education & ICT) of Chittagong while speaking in a consultation held in Chittagong on 17 June 2017 to prohibit PHP in all settings. The event was organized by Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST) with the support of Stop Tolerating Violence Against Children program of Child Protection Sector of Save the Children.

District Education Officer, Instructors from Primary Teachers Training Institute (PTI) and Teachers Training College (TTC), teachers from schools & madrashas, members of School Management Committees, representatives from Civil Society Organizations, students, law professionals and media personnel participated in the event and shared their opinions in the open discussion to protect the children from PHP in home, school, work place, institution and community.

The participants emphasized on the coordination between the government and development organizations to work together for the successful implementation of the High Court Judgment as well as the Guideline, Circular and different directives issued by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Primary and Mass Education to ban PHP in education institutions. Furthermore, they also reaffirmed that there is no scope to recognize the validity of the practice of imposing any forms of punishment against children in the name of discipline, by any logic; such incidents of punishment must be brought under the appropriate judicial process. Later on, an action plan has also been drafted to follow-up the implementation of the high court judgement as well as the circular issued by the MoPME to prohibit PHP in the education institutions in Chittagong City Corporation area.