Citizen Reporting Portal: A Digital System to Address Violence Against Children in Bangladesh

Monday 6 November 2017

In Bangladesh, the existing system of reporting violence against children is in the traditional form that leads to delay of action. In this situation, Save the Children in Bangladesh has initiated a digital platform ( )for citizen to address all violence by reporting through web based communication technology. Accordingly, a project titled” Citizen Reporting Platform “ has been piloted for one year in Rayebazar, Dhaka: with an aim to encourage citizens to speak out to prevent violence against children

The digital platform is featured the reporting by citizen, referral service and essential information for parents including child safeguarding policy, protection behavior for children, Positive discipline, etc.

Save the Children along with the partner Manobik Shahajo Shangtha (MSS), has developed their capacity in addressing the violence (emotional, physical and sexual) against children at home, school and work and the community at large. Community Based Child Protection Committee (CBCPC) is leading the awareness and engagement of the community to speak up for all violence against children. Now, children and adult are directly reporting on the violence against children using web platform.

The web based reporting system provides the anonymity for community people, including children, to speak out about violence, and enable such information to be gathered in an efficient and innovative ways. The real-time data is generated through the reporting portal intended to raise the profile of violence against children agenda locally and nationally that can be evidence to advocate with the government.

So far the most significant success of this digital reporting system is to track regular incidents, case management and referral to the relevant government authority. Going forward, the project has been scaling up in Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi & Chapai Nawabganj districts following the thematic collaboration of Save the Children.