Children's Disaster Risk Reduction Conference 2017 held in Bangladesh

Thursday 2 November 2017

With an aim to show case children’s learning and engagement in urban risk reduction initiatives DRR Conference 2017 was organized on 27 October 2017. The conference is a first of its kind which helped demonstrate children’s involvement in DRR awareness and practice and concluded with the declaration of children’s recommendations to relevant ministry and government departments for effective disaster management and ensuring enabling environment for children in urban locations.

More than 350 children from different cities came to demonstrate their best practices and provide recommendations through innovative performance on DRR. The conference was designed, facilitated and performed by the Student Council- children’s platform for DRR activities of Save the Children in schools. Children participated in a debate on ‘’Children can act as agent of change for DRR’’, folk song on ‘’Safe School Initiatives by Children’’ and a talk show on ‘’Disaster risk reduction and children’s participation’’. Popular actor Zahid Hasan and Singer Putul were present to inspire children and promised to be part with children’s initiative in future and advocating for children’s betterment.

Declaration from Children:

·         Make sure that children will have available DRR knowledge and get life skill training for DRR as they can act as agent of changein DRR

·         Make sure that children’s education will not be disrupted by disaster and make proper plan for education continuity

·         Make sure that children’s participation in local level DRR committee is ensured and children’s voices will be addressed in the local and national level planning

·         Ensure safe infrastructure for schools and take necessary effective initiatives to keep children safe from disaster in school

·         Make sure that disaster risk reduction information is addressed in the textbook and include resilience education in the school curriculum

This initiative is supported by C&A Foundation and this initiatives is focused on urban risk reduction and resilience. A follow up dialogue among children, policy makers and relevant ministries will be held on later 2017 to address the issues of the declaration in their policy and planning. It is noted that Save the Children has been working on child centered disaster risk reduction for the last one decade in Bangladesh to raise children’s voices in local and national level DRR planning.