CCM project raises awareness for prevention of pneumonia & diarrhea in children

Thursday 31 October 2013

Theme / Project: Information Fair: Community Case Management for Pneumonia and Diarrhea project

September 28-29, 2013, Location: Barishal

Under the leadership of Save the Children Barisal field office, Community Case Management Project (CCM) has been participated in an ‘Information Fair’ during September 28-29, 2013 in Barisal organized by Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB). The title of the fair was marked as “Tothya Jana O jananor odhikar” that means ‘Rights to Information’  with the objective to disseminate information and share activities, project interventions of different organizations, departments with the mass people, local elite and stakeholders to raise awareness and increase coordination among multiple stakeholders. A total of fourteen public & private organizations have been participated and SCI one of the most prominent organizations took part with representing eight different projects implementing in Barisal region currently. 

Different IEC materials of CCM Project was been displayed in the information booth and distributed brochedure among general people. Project information materials were shared with visiting stakeholders.  Representative of CCM project team, described the displayed materials and equipment like ARI timer, MUAC tape and disseminate leaflet containing Prevention messages of Pneumonia and Diarrhea among participating students and community people. Approximately 1100 people have visited the fair and CCM project has distributed 300 brochures, 200 pneumonia stickers, 300 leaflets among visitors. During two days, CCM project’s video documentary was been screened multiple times through using multimedia projector and approximately 500 visitors had watched the documentary.

A significant number of school teachers, school going children and medical college students were visited the fair beside representative from local organizations. The visiting children and adolescents were enthusiastic to learn about the danger sign, pneumonia symptoms and home care for sick child. Medical students were enlightened to know the use of ARI timer and MUAC tape for identifying pneumonia and malnutrition. CCM project staff has arranged practical demonstration of ARI timer and MUAC tape with participants and promoted pneumonia & diarrhea management services through Community Clinics. Divisional Commissioner, Divisional Director Health, and other local health officials, agriculture department, Law enforcing agency representative had been visited the Save the Childrenstall. This was a huge opportunity for CCM project to disseminate important messages on pneumonia & diarrhea to raise mass awareness and also an innovative approach to share intervention strategies, approaches with the local stakeholder. It has also enriched our program though cross learning and acquiring knowledge with experience sharing with other local NGOs.

Expected outcome from this event:

1.     Raised awareness on pneumonia and diarrhea among mass population through distributing IEC materials

2.      Shared interventions, approaches and best practices among multiple stakeholders

3.     Practical demonstration of ARI timer and MUAC tape has drawn special attention to raise awareness on pneumonia among students and teachers.

4.     Strong network has been established with different actors and local NGOs

5.     Video documentary screening helped mass people to understand pneumonia appropriately and will generate demand for services from Community clinics

6.     Strengthen GO-NGO coordination and collaboration including new partnership with TIB.